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Permanent Perfect Eyebrows

Microblading is a great option for busy women on the go who always want to look their best. We can tattoo brows that will always look perfect. Perfect shape, symmetry and  color. Visit out main website for the Best Microblading In Scottsdale.

Custom Nail Art

If you are looking for unique nail designs with incredible nail art we can provide you with nail enhancements that are always the perfect shape. Gel polish that doesn’t lift or chip and makes you stand out. Our nails get noticed.

Certified Makeup Artist

If you have an event like a wedding or photoshop and you need a makeup artist gives us a call. We are booking now for the holiday season.

Stop The Shop

With permanent makeup you no longer need to shop for the latest makeup products because your makeup will be perfect the moment you wake up in the morning.

Maintence Free Beauty

You no longer need to spend hours for the daily ritual of applying makeup. Now you are ready to go and always can look your best.

Good For Skin

If your skin has ever had a reaction to makeup then you know another great reason to consider the permanent option.

Our Beauty Blog

A lot of information about tons of cool beauty services just to help educate everyone.


This is newest latest fad in salon and day spas. The fact is that it works but it’s not cheap. Coolsculpting sets a minimum average price that providers need to charge to maintain their contract. The other interesting this to know about it is that it doesn’t work immediately. It doesn’t work for everyone. It’s ideal for healthy people who workout and eat healthy that have some stubborn fat they can’t get rid of. Most major cities around the United States have several local providers that are experienced and trained in the procedure. The fat literally melts off. Or they freeze the fat and it dies so your body gets rid of it. It’s very cool and safe. The FDA has approved the procedure.

Check out some videos or go to their website for more details.

Ways To Save Money At A Salon

Are you wish to pamper yourself, but due to huge expenses of Hair Salon? then check out our amazing tips in the form of 5-ways to save your money at the hair salons.

We love a good and stylish haircut. We also know that visit to a Hair Salon can take a huge toll on our purse. So, in this article, we will share some expert tips about how to spend less while pampering yourself at Hair Salon.

Ways to Save Money:

We are part of consumer society. We work to earn money and then spend money to buy necessities of our lives. Everything nowadays has the cost.

In recent decades, beauty industries attract the attention of people. This industry creates the story that beauty treatments and products can help you to make your look younger, worthier and better. People rush to the beauty store to buy the best latest products to achieve glowing looking skin.

1) Trim your bangs

By trimming your hair bangs can save your money. If you have hair bangs which need little attention. By knowing how to use scissors properly, you can trim hair bands yourself either using any hair thinning scissors or barber.

Just holds scissors and cut only half inch hair until you get the wanted outcome. It is very way to save your money instead of going to Hair Salon. But be sure not to mess this up. No one wants to have crooked bangs. It’s the first thing everyone sees and it can take a long time to grow out.

2) Get the right cut

The right and perfect haircut can be good and life-changing if you consider the following important things:

  • Color
  • Face shape
  • Best style
  • Maintenance

In case when you consider high-maintenance hairstyle, then you will require to have more visits to the salon. It means that you will spend more money. Bold and bright colors will require more effort and attention. Try to color your hair according to your natural hair color.

The best advice to consider your natural texture look and cut your hair so that you can easily set your style at your home.

3) Try less experienced stylist

Sometimes experience hairstylist charges more money because of qualification and experience. New hairstylists are not unskilled. They can cut and color your hair very less. They also charge less money.  For hair cut or color, you try to go to any beauty schools. They need people to practice all the time and would not charge anything. These institutions have specialized professionals that can turn your hair into perfect and wavy nature look.

4) Never purchase products from your Hair Salon

When you are going in Hair Salons for trim or color then never purchase products from hair salons. It is so because these products for hair treatment are usually high-quality. They are professional and expensive products.

If you wish to save your money, then do not buy any add-on products from Hair Salons. If you are interested in certain products, then try to search it online or from any specialized beauty store. It will be of the much cheaper rate as compared to hair salons.

5) Shampoo before and skip blow-dry

Most salons will charge some extras when they washed your hair before a haircut or color. The products that they used are perfect and you will feel cool but are also wastage of money. So, in that case, you should wash your hair from your home. It will save your money and your trip to Hair Salon will be cheaper.

How to Start A Hair Salon

If you want to open a Hair Salon, then it’s the best time to do it. According to research, the salon industry is rapidly growing day by day. According to Zion Market Research, the global beauty salon and spa market may reach 190.81 billion US dollar in 2024.

If you are planning to start your Hair Salon, then this guide will give you more detail that you need to get started.

How to Start A Hair Salon?

If you are interested in starting a hair salon, then some essential steps should consider:

1) Gain industry Experience:

Before breaking into the world of innovation, there should be some experience in a field. You can get started your new business after attending cosmetology school. But if you are working at the salon before starting your own business is very beneficial.

It helps you to see how the salon business works regularly. It also gives you strong and valuable connections.

2) Creating a business plan:

Before starting any business, you need to have a perfect business plan. The business plan consists of:

  • How you are going to earn lots of money?
  • What type of customers you will attract?
  • How you will manage finances?
  • How you will manage your day-to-day operations?

There are lots of resources that help an individual to make some important decision like professional beauty association. This association provides individual access to the business blueprints which can easily be customized. Every business plan will change depending on their size, goals, and format. So, it is very important to select the right plans for your Beauty Hair Salons.

3) Set your budget:

After deciding to start your salon business, you will need some finances. The expenses of Hair Salons depend on location and size. The home-based salon only cost some thousand dollars while a big salon in any desirable location may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you desire to open your salon without any money, then you will need some financing at least cover supplies.

4) Finding your customers:

Many decisions will depend on target customers. Target customers are a vital part of any business. Without a target customer, your business will never succeed. Research your market and consider the services or products they needed.

5) Find a location

If you are going to start a small business, then you can start it at your home. Based on your targeted customer, find a specific location of your business.  If you going to target affluent clientele. then the location of your business should be a downtown area or any upscale shopping district. This is the absolutely most critical step in the process. If you don’t get the right location it doesn’t matter if you do all the other things perfectly, your business will fail.

6) Hire a team

Hiring team for the salon is one of the best parts. Various salons have more than two stylists to serve their customers. It is not a requirement. But more than two stylists will help to improve overall profitability. Keep your customers in mind while hiring the best stylists. Best stylists are the individuals that help your customers to fulfill their need but also enhance business profitability. 

7) Marketing plan:

You should also start marketing your beauty salon before opening so that build awareness before the initial launch. Develop your website or advertise your business on different social networks. Creating an ongoing marketing strategy is the gateway to success.

8) Set time before Run your business:

When it comes to running any business, it is very important to have perfect dedicated time to work for your business. Take times means you take time to set budgets to understand goals of team training, understand your finances and creates profit.

The Top Five Benefits of Going To A Hair Salon

There are lots of advantages to salons. When thinking about health salons, most of people think about well-known services like nail and hair care. Many benefits that offer by Hair Care Services can add unique and wonderful experience to every visit. Caring yourself give you beauty as well as remove all kind of tension and problems.

What is Hair Salon?

Hair Salon is the new concept for your hair rebirth. If you desire to have a relaxing massage or you may want to look perfect on any special occasions, then Hair Salon is a perfect place for you. It brings many pleasurable experiences to look perfect and wonderful. Hair treatment services enable you to not only feel great but also offers other treatments that help you for the wellbeing of your body and mind.

Some benefits of using Hair Salons are:

  • Best therapy:

Hair Salons are the therapy which is essential for maintaining healthy hair growth. It is the procedure that helps to make hair bouncy, shiny and strong. Hair treatment deal with damaged hair, hair fall control as well as dandruff. Hair Salon is the perfect place for conditioning your hair and keep them healthy and strong.

  • Perfect solution

Hair Care services are the perfect solution for those people who think that their hair lacks volume and strength. Hair Salons offers a bouncier look and stronger hair. To visit salons, there are no age limits. If you are 14-15-year-old and face the problem of hair fall or dandruff, then you should also visit hair salons.

  • Strengthen hair follicles:

Deep conditioning Hair treatment is designed to offer perfect strength to the hair follicles. The treatment helps you to nourish the roots. It also helps to revitalize the hair scalp which leads to the natural rebirth of your hairs.

  • Hair Care:

When you think about the beauty salon, hair care services always come in your mind. Hair Salons offers you different unique therapy for hair color and cutting. It reduces all kind of injuries to your hair because of the professional staff of hair salons. They have experience in how to handle every situation because of enough knowledge.

  • Custom tips:

At Hair Salons, you might receive information about the various way to care of your hair. Beauty shops are unable to give you information about a various product. But professional salons offer you healthy tips that aid you to make your hair healthy and strong.


While visit to Hair Salon every day may not be on your schedule and budget, then you should consider visiting at least two times a month. Take some time for yourself and your hair growth. If you start to feel guilty about the visit to a beauty salon, then consider benefits that enhance your lifestyle. Protect your hair health gives you refreshing moments and enable you to enjoy any function. Keep enjoying your function with a beautiful hair style. 😊

Top reason: Why should you go to the Hair Salon?

When it comes to keeping hairs in an excellent condition, then regular appointment in Hair Salon is necessary. Many people are unaware of the benefits of attending hair salon regularly. So, for that reason, we put together some reasons of Why Should You Go to the Hair Salons?

1) Keeps your hair strong and healthy:

Regular visits to the hair salon will keep women hair in a perfect and healthier state. We recommended you to have every four-week visit to the hair salon. It is so because a professional will helps you in hair grooming and you will care about your hair properly.

If you allow salon professionals to regularly see your hair, then you will easily lock your hair as fresh as possible.

Regular visit enables you to get useful tips and suggestion from hairstylist to make your hair strength. It enables you to get long, and stylish hair for a long time.

2) Helps to promote hair growth:

By visiting your Salon on a regular basis help you to promote the growth of your hair. We recommend you to visit your Hair Salons in every 8-weeks for trimming your hair.

Trim your hair will help you to promote the growth of your hair. It gives professional access to your hair treatment. Professional at Hair Salons will let know about what kind of color and any treatment will suit on your hair will suit on your hair. So, to promote your health great, successful visit to Hair Salon is the perfect option.

3) Vibrant Hair colors:

The regular visit to the top-rated hair salon will also ensure that the color of your hair will remain stunning and stylish. We recommend you to keep visit your salon every 4-weeks for gray coverage and root coverage. It also ensures that the color stays flawless from your hair’s root to end.

The effective and well-renowned salon will ensure that the hair formula they apply on your hair should be perfect. The salon will also ensure flawless color. The best salon will always keep the record of the formula of hair color of their clients’ so that they have perfect color without any damage in every visit.

4) Changing Hairstyle and color

One of the interesting and most important reasons of visiting Hair Salon is that 44% women changed their hair color and style at least once in their whole lives out of sheer boredom with one style and color. To look beautiful, they always try a new style and colors.


Call the hair professionals of your favorite hair salon to make your effective hair appointment. Keep visiting your hair professional daily will ensure that your hair is perfect and flawless. Best hair salons always guarantee you the best experience. They always use unique methods to achieve better and outstanding hair results. So, call your best hair salons and get ready to experience the truly unique journey of best hair treatment.

5 Things to Watch out for at the Hair Salon

When it comes to changing hair color or style, many of us have a look in our mind. While changing your hairstyle and color, your overall look completely changes. It can turn your bad hair days into the best one and brings more empowerment and self-confidence in you. However, if your color or your cut goes wrong, it could upset you.

What many people do not know is that they can make the hair change process helpful and risk-free with some healthy tips. So, just follow these 5 professional tips before going to Hair Salons.

1) Consider your lifestyle
Lifestyle is one of the important things that should be considered while going for Hair Salons. Your hairstyle is the best way that helps you in representing who you are and what kind of job you do. If you are busy in your life and know well that you have no time to do lots of things with your hair, then you should consider the low-maintenance look. On the other hand, if you want to attend the marriage ceremony, then you should look for a stylish hairstyle for you.

2) know-how about your hair texture and face shape
For different face shape, the unique hairstyle will suit. So, before deciding hairstyle, you first know about your face shape. If you well-aware about your face shapes like heart, oval, circle, or square-shaped face, then you can easily figure out what kind of style will suit you.
It is important to well-aware about hair texture because it plays a significant role to achieve your hair look. So, if you are thin, and fine hair, then you can only expect a glossy fine look. Similarly, if you have thick, and curly hair, the stylish hairstyle will fine for you, so have a more realistic and pragmatic expectation. Find more hair inspiration from those people who have the same level of hair texture as you.

3) Get some consultant help
If you are still confused with your hairstyle look, then schedule an effective consultation with the hairstylist. When you go to Hair Salon, then bring some images of different hairstyle with you. Ensure to brings some photo from various angles so your hairstylist can easily determine the best cut and color that work for your face shape and hair texture.
It’s time to consult with your stylist about hair lingos like ombre, baby lights, sombre, and balayage, etc. Before asking for the style, it is very important to understand these terms. It is a good way to know-how about your style so that you would never disappointed with the finished look.

4) Ensure that you are ready for innovative hair color and style
If you are going to hair salon only for touch-up and trim, it is not a big commitment. If you are only chopping-off 12-inches of your hairs for a very first time, there is no going back.
Before making any spontaneous decision, try to think about a new hairstyle. If you are not sure or little bit confuse in your decision, then ask your relative or friend about hairstyle change. It is a better way to ensure that you are ready for a new style without feeling any hesitation.

5) Be truthful with your hairstylist
Always be truthful with your hair history. When stylist asks you about hair history, then always truthful about what kind of shampoo or any other chemical you have used regularly. If you have used chemical or boxed hair, then tell you hairstylist about it. If you lie, then there will be a possibility of unwanted results.

Clear communication is one of the imperative factors to a successful visit to the hair salon. It will make you as well as hairstylist feel confidence in the whole hair process. For your appointment, ensure to consider all of the above basic tips before visit Hair Salon. We are sure that when you come out of the center, you will never have the bad color and haircut.

Flat Twist Syle

In the African American community the stuffed flat twist hair style is very important.  It’s particularly done often in Atlanta Georgia with a sprawling African community.  Take a look at this video that is a demo of the style.

Have Dry, Dead Hair? Not Anymore.

Have you ever tried a deep conditioning hair treatment. It’s a great way to care for your hair and keep it healthy. We don’t offer it in our salon but message us and we can give you a referral.

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